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CS800D DUAL BAND DMR AND ANALOG MOBILE Radio and FCC Part 90 certified


The Extended receive is very helpful in monitoring Emergency Managment inter-op and Fire Mutual Aid channels (frequencies) operatig in UHF T Band 470 - 512 MHz. (Customer Review)

This is the first dual band mobile DMR and Analog radio designed specifically for the Amateur market. Among other features that will be discussed later is the ability to legally transmit on both Amateur and Commercial bands with an extended frequency coverage in the UHF band and a removable front panel. First let me show you what some of our customers think of it.

Posted by Ken N

The Extended receive is very helpful in monitoring Emergency Managment inter-op and Fire Mutual Aid channels (frequencies) operating in UHF T Band 470 - 512 MHz. As first responder for my towns Emergency Managment this is very helpful in coordinating with mutual aid agencies.

Posted by Amir F

I like the radio especially because of its separating head. I just did not have the needed space otherwiae. Seperation cable is cheap and probably in uour junk box anyway.

Posted by John S

I have used the radio a couple of times. And has performed as expected.

Posted by Derek

Love the form factor especially since it's the only dual band DMR radio that offers remote capability. The software is easy to download and use. Absolutely love the microphone as it looks, and feels, like the Kenwood land mobile commercial microphones.

Key Unique Features

The CS800D is the only dual band DMR mobile that has a detachable head. The head is attached to the radio using standard CAT 5 or CAT 6 cable. An optional head is available for this radio called the CS-BFD that uses a 7 inch color Touch Screen LCD that gives additonal features not available in the radio.

From the inside, the CS800D is different than the other dual band mobiles. The radio uses a double conversion superhet design with a tuned front end design for maximum sensitivity and minimum interference from nearby radios. The radio has two independent power amplifiers. Switching between UHF and VHF is by means of solid state switches.

Here is the best part. If the radio breaks during the first year, we fix it for free. If you do not think this radio is worth what you paid for it, you can return the radio within 30 days and get a complete refund of your purchase price minus the shipping cost.

With a deal like this you would think you would be dealing with a company located in Hong Kong or China. We are a United States company and have been in business since 1982.

Special Features

This monocrome LCD display has larger characters and better visibility in the sunlight than the small color LCD displays.

This radio allows you to quickly change the Tx Contact information on the fly. By pressing the keys from the microphone, you can immediately set up a private call or a group call without having to use the CPS. An example of this is shown below.

Our Digital Monitor Mode allows you to hear whoever is speaking on the channel and see all the special DMR parameters such as Color Code, Slot Number, and Tx Contact on the display.


In the menu Utility mode, the radio allows you to change many of the parameters such as power level without having to use the CPS. An example of the power level feature is shown below.

If you want to see who called you before, put the radio in the Menu Call Log mode.

If you want to see your previous message, put the radio in the Menu Message mode.



Receive frequency: 136 - 174 MHz, 400 - 512 MHz

Transmit: 136 - 174 MHz, 400 - 470 MHz

DMR and Analog modes

Backlit keys on keypad

Analog has both 12.5 and 25 KHz channels available

All channels can have unique DMR ID's

Two time slots and all color codes available

Adjustable output power. Maximum power on VHF is 50 Watts, UHF is 45 Watts

Tone Squelch using CTCSS or DCS

Tone signalling using MDC, DTMF, 2 Tone and 5 Tone

VOX available

Separate RF Power modules using Mitsubishi Power Amps for ultimate in quality and reliability.



Users Manual
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