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By now I am sure many of you have heard of the Xiegu G90. This amazing HF radio has so many features, you would expect it to be priced three times what we are currently selling it for. First let me show you what some of our customers think of it.


Posted by David Reeder on Jul 30th 2019

This is a great radio. Wonderful receiver and antenna tuner that could probably tune a wet noodle. With 20 watts I've made several contacts and stations were surprised I was only running 20 watts. Display is great and easy to use.


Posted by GARY SARGENT on Aug 16th 2019

The G90 has a very good display, a complete set of functions and seems to be built like tank with the steel and aluminum exterior panels that are screwed together .. no plastic! Seems to be a keeper at this point.


Posted by Alex on Jul 25th 2019 Outstanding radio! I've gotten great signal quality reports on USB and LSB. I've checked into nets on 20m and 40m and regular QSOs with 20 watts and never had the other station say that my signal was weak or difficult to copy which has surprised me considering the band conditions at times. The cw decoder works as well as any others I've seen and really just depends on the received signal and ability of the operator transmitting. The menu functions are fairly easy to figure out with the manual and frequent use. The. receiver audio is outstanding. The waterfall display is useful. This is a great radio especially at this price point. I recommend it to anyone. It's a fun rig!


Posted by John Rodenbarger on Jul 26th 2019 It's small, but it's heavy. Controls are laid out nicely. RX is sensitive, I like the adjustable bandpass filter. 50 Hz on CW? We'll see come SS weekend. QSK is quick, keyer is easy to set speed. Tuner would resolve 1:1 SWR on all bands on my 100'wire. First QSO out of the box was on 40, about 900 miles. I haven't tried it on phone yet.


Here is the best part. If you got this radio from the big three you would expect to pay between $1000 - $2000. This radio has a MSRP of between $425 - $499. We sell it at the lowest possible price of $425.

Here is the better part. If the radio breaks during the first year, we fix it for free. If you do not think this radio is worth what you paid for it, you can return the radio within 30 days and get a complete refund of your purchase price minus the shipping cost.

With a deal like this you would think you would be dealing with a company located in Hong Kong or China. We are a United States company and have been in business since 1982.

Here are some of the features

Pressing the Tune key brings up the following display and the radio at this point is engaging the automatic antenna tuner.

The radio has the ability to look at SWR over a range of frequencies. Here is an example of the SWR display.

The radio has a built in spectrum analyzer. The display below shows a typical AM signal that was modulated at 3 KHz with a modulation index of 50%. Note the carrier and the two side bands.

The display below shows a typical SSB signal that was modulated at 3 KHz with a modulation index of 50%. Note the suppressed carrier and only a single side band.


Some Additional Features

  • 1 to 20 Watts output in 1 Watt increments
  • Receiver sensitivity less than .1 microvolt
  • AM, USB, LSB, and CW modes
  • Covers all HAM bands between 160 Meters and 10 meters.
  • Built in CW Decoder
  • Waterfall display
  • Detachable Display Unit
  • CW filters as low as 50 Hz " SDR architecture
  • Free Firmware updates for new features

This is an unbelievable radio for its price. This radio has features far and beyond any radio in its price range. To make a complete radio system, just add power supply, coax cable, and an antenna, and you are on the air.

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