The full software for the CS800D PLUS is going to come in stages. We designed the firmware so the amateur community can add features independently of the manufacturer and at the same time we gave links in the radio so the programmers do not have to reinvent the wheel. If you think we have a routine inside the radio you would like to use, please contact us so we can add those to the links already given.

November 23 , 2022

CPS R5.01.02.exe

Firmware MS50.52.bin

Help File


November 23 , 2022

The Channel Analyzer Mode has two purposes. For the Commercial customers, you leave the radio on the channel and you get to see the activity of your different customers in a shared repeater systems. Each DCS Code, CTCSS Tone, or DMR Group is recorded for both the total time for each as well as the number of discrete transmissions.

For Amateur customers, you get to see what CTCSS Tone or DCS Code activates the analog repeater as well has how long the channel is used. For digital repeaters, the radio records the total time each group is used as well as how many discrete transmissions occured. This allows you to determine if it is worthwhile to monitor or use that repeater.


This is a Beta version of the firmware and CPS and is not 100% working properly. This firmware version suppose to detect all 51 CTCSS tones and 112 DCS codes as well as all DMR transmissions. Tone 63.0 Hertz is not currently working, the display is not setup per secifications and the firmware locks-up the system every so often. Once the system is locked up you have to remove power because the power button is locked out.

August 11, 2022

CPS R4.04.06.exe

August 11, 2022

You can now import and export the following parameters in csv format:

Digital Contacts




With this CPS, if you want to use it with the CS800D PLUS, press the NEW command from the file pulldown menu and then select CS800D PLUS. Loading in a code plug will set it to the appropriate version

July 15, 2022

CPS R4.04.02.exe

July 15, 2022

This CPS has a utility in the tools section that converts a code plug made for the CS800D to a code plug mode the CS800D PLUS.

July 5, 2022

CPS R4.04.00.exe
Firmware MS40.51.bin

July 5, 2022

This is the first release of the CPS for the CS800D PLUS. This firmware will not work with the standard CS800D for three reasons:

1. The microprocessor is slightly different
2. The PLL is slightly different
3. The flash memory is 64M in the CS800D and 256M in the