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CS580 UHF Radio

"I have to say that the CS580 is probably the most underrated DMR HT out there or maybe it's the best kept secret". (Customer review)

This amazing DMR and Analog radio works so well, you would expect it to be priced three times what we are currently selling it for. First let me show you what some of our customers think of that radio.

Posted by Frank D

I have to say that the CS580 is probably the most underrated DMR HT out there or maybe it's the best kept secret. I am amazed at how much you can do with this radio without a computer/cable/codeplug. Within minutes of opening the box, I was quickly able to punch in a local DMR repeater via the front panel and I was on the air. I am also extremely impressed with the monitor and scan features.

Posted by Edgar

Great Radio for the price. Scan feature is great for finding local repeaters. Nice fast menu buttons and settings. Enjoy using the software for programming code plugs. Easy to get around and customize.

Posted by Sean F

This is a rock solid DMR HT. Here is a list of some of the great features: Long battery life, loud speaker, large display, good audio reports, wonderful documentation, good price and quick delivery. In summary, this DMR met my spec and I'm having fun with it.

Posted by KA6CJL

A friend of mine talks wonders about the CS580 so I had to take the leap and get me one for myself. I would say that for the money that this device cost, it is an excellent investment. So far I have been playing with it for about just couple of days, and although a very basic device, it is all you need to immerse yourself in the world of digital radio.


Why We Designed This Radio

When we designed this radio, we had three criteria.

(1) Make it so a computer is not necessary to use this radio. All the important parameters can be entered from the built in keypad.

(2) Make it so you do not have to be a rocket scientist to use it. With this radio you can put it in enhanced monitor mode, listen to all the conversations coming off the repeater, and then when you hear a conversation you want to join, just press the lock key and start talking back. You do not have to know what color code, slot number, or Tx contact is. All you need to know is the frequency. It also has a scan mode so you can find all the different frequencies being used in your area.

(3) Make it inexpensive so everyone can afford it. Price is $130. Programming cable is $10 extra if you really want to use a computer to make a code plug.

Here is the best part. If you do not think this radio is worth what you paid for it, you can return the radio within 30 days and get a complete refund of your purchase price. If the radio breaks during the first year, we fix it for free.

With a deal like this you would think you would be dealing with a company located in Hong Kong or China. We are a United States company and have been in business since 1982.

Special Features

The most important feature of this radio is called the Enhanced Monitor Mode. In this mode, you are waiting for someone to start speaking on the channel you are monitoring. An example of the radio in this mode is shown below.


When someone speaks on that channel the display changes and all the fields are now filled. An example of that happening is shown in the picture below.

The radio now shows that user 310325 is speaking on frequency 435.325 MHz. The radio you are listening to is making a Group Call, has a Color Code of 1 and they are using slot 1. The group number is 320. You now press the lock key and you are ready to have a QSO with the person you are currently listening to.

At this point you can permanently store the contact in the radios memory so the next time you turn on the radio you already have a channel with that contact. In other radios you need a computer to make a code plug to store this information in your radio.

The next important feature is the Enhanced Parameter Mode. From the keypad, using a single screen, you can set up a complete channel without using a computer. The channel can be in the Ham bands or the Commercial bands. A picture of the Enhanced Monitor Mode is shown below.

Once you entered the appropriate data, you press the lock key and you are ready for a QSO. If you prefer, you can also permanently save the channel.

The last important feature is the Enhanced Scanning mode as show below.

From the keypad you set the parameters and then press the start key. The radio now automatically starts scaning and if a channel is found, the radio stops and allows you to lock it in for an immediate QSO or store it in the radio's memory for use at a later time. This feature is great if you are traveling and you are not familiar with the repeaters available in the area.


The CS580 is one of the most exciting new products that we have designed in the past 30 years. This DMR radio is designed specifically for the amateur radio operators and offers the best value in the DMR market. The radio includes a number of unique and advanced features such as Enhanced Monitor Mode, Enhanced Scanning Mode and Enhanced Parameter Mode and is easy to operate.

Connect to any DMR network without the use of a computer. Experienced Hams who prefer to use a computer can program up to 1,024 fixed channels.

Strong, durable and tough. Meets MIL-STD-810C/D/E/F for humidity, vibration and shock and is dustproof and waterproof to IP54.

Frequency of the repeater can be entered from an easy to use screen on the radio in conjunction with a built in keypad. By pressing a single key, you can enter into monitor mode. You can join a conversation by simply pressing the lock key.

Advanced Hams can enter the frequency, slot number, color code, Tx contact number and type of call from a single easy to use screen. Just press the lock key and you are ready to initiate a call on any DMR network, including Brandmeister and DMR-MARC.

Find the frequency of local repeaters in any area by placing the radio into scan mode. Then let the radio automatically find the frequencies in use for you.

In a similar manner, communications on an analog channel is possible without a computer.

Stores up to 1024 analog and digital channels in 64 zones with up to 250 contacts. The CPS software for making the code plug is free and available for download from our website www.connectsystems.com

Optional programming cable available for $10.





Users Manual

CPS Manual