Connect Systems was started in the dining room of Malcolm Oakes in Torrance California in 1982. While he was working for Hughes Aircraft he developed and started selling a phone patch for the Amateur market.

Business became so good he soon left Hughes Aircraft and became the first full time employee of the company. With the expanding business, he soon rented a building in Torrance California. During the interval of 1982 to 1988 he developed and marketed the Private Patch, Private Patch II, Private III, 850, 950, 8000, and other products.

Between 1988 and 1995, the company developed its first microprocessor based products including the CS700, CS9800, CS800, CS8200, CS8300, TP154, TP163, TP154 PLUS, RT8-RU, RT8-TU, 6800, CD1, and CD2. The TP154 was the first tone panel in the industry to decode all CTCSS and DCS codes at the same time. It was about two years ahead of Zetron when it was released.

Then in 1996, the company introduced the LT2, LT4200, and LT4900. This was their first version of an LTR controller.

For the next few years the company put all their efforts into developing and marketing Inverters for the RV and Boat Markets. Then in the year 2000, Malcolm Oaks retired and Jerry Wanger became the new owner and President.

During the year 2002 they introduced the first FLEX SERIES Controller. Over the next few years they developed the FLEX II, FLEX II E&M, FLEX III, FLEX III-A, FLEX IV DSP D and FLEX IV DSP P. These new products allowed Connect Systems to participate in new and exciting markets

Starting in the year 2010, Connect Systems Inc. introduced low cost LTR radios. These LTR radios sold for prices less than most dealers was paying for their CTCSS only analog radios. Late 2013 Connect Systems Inc. introduced DMR radios compatible with Hytera and MotoTurbo (Trademark of Motorola) radios but sold for prices less than most dealers was paying for their Analog Radios.