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If you like the AT-D878UV or the AT-D868UV you will love this radio. This radio has the features of their handhelds with some extra features because of its enhanced hardware design.

This Tri-Band mobile DMR and Analog radio is designed specifically for the Amateur market. Besides covering the 2 meter and 70 cm bands, this radio also covers the 1.25 meter (222 MHz) band. For 2 meter, the output power is about 50 Watts, for 70 cm the output power is about 45 watts, and for the 1.25 meter, the output power is about 10 Watts.

This radio, besides having all the features of the standard AT-D578UV also has the ability to receive analog APRS and the ability to listen to aircraft on the Aviation Band.


When you buy this radio, you get the following:

AnyTone AT-D578UVIII Radio
Handheld Microphone with Numeric Keypad
Mobile Mounting Bracket and Assorted Hardware
DC Cable with Fuse
Spare Fuses
USB Programming Cable
Built in Bluetooth module
Bluetooth PTT Key
GPS Module and Antenna



Manuals and Brochures and Application Notes

Brochure of AT-D578 PLUS

Instruction Manual