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CS7000 M17 UHF Radio


The CS7000 M17 is the first Amateur digital radio designed for the M17 protocol. The user make the radio into either a M17 radio or a standard DMR and Analog radio.

There are a few things that make this radio different than the standard DMR radio.

1. The ability to easily get in the native boot mode of the microprocessor to unbrick the radio without opening the radio. This is very important when developing new features because of chance in bricking the radio.

2. Hardware modifications from standard DMR radios to allow it be used with protocols other than DMR and Analog.

3. Optional GPS.


Although there is not enough memory in this version of the radio to support multiple protocols at the same time, this radio should be able to take the protocols developed for the plus version and be ported to this version of the radio.




CS7000 M17 Users Manual
Service Manuals and Programming Manuals FCC and IC CERTIFICATION