December 16 , 2020



December 16 , 2020

This version added the ability to output a logic level based on whether or not the radio detected carrier. This is very useful if you want to make a repeater out of two mobiles.

September 21 , 2020

CPS Version (exe)

Flashburn 3.10 (exe)

Bootloader 2.02 (dfu)

Bootloader 2.02 (bin)

CS810 V4.00.24 RCDB Upgrade (bin)

CS811 V4.00.24 RCDB Upgrade (bin)

CS810_CS811 V4.00.24 Upgrade (bin)

Front Panel Upgrade Tool (exe)

Front Panel firmare (zip)

Voice Packets (zip)

September 21 , 2020

Product Enhancements and latest firmware and software

February 19, 2019

CPS Version 3.03.87

February 19, 2019

Product Enhancements for CPS version 3.00.87

July 27 , 2018

CPS Version 3.03.85

Firmware Version 3.00.50

Flash Burn Version 3.01

July 27, 2018

Product Enhancements for Firmware version 3.00.50

Added the ability to turn on and off an output of the 15 pin rear connector by means of a DTMF code

June 27 , 2017

CPS Version 3.03.84

Firmware Version 3.00.21

Flash Burn Version 3.01

June 27, 2017

Product Enhancements for Firmware version 3.00.21

Added a special alarm feature where you can activate the alarm by a foot pedal.

Added ability to change channel and other things by means of RS232 control.

June 14 , 2016

CPS Version 3.03.76

June 14, 2016

Product Enhancements for CPS Version 3.03.76

This version is enhanced for use with the visually impaired. This is the beta version of this enhancement and we would appreciate any feedback so we can improve it. Please send the feedback to [email protected] The Tab and Shift is fully functional in this version.

April 20, 2016

Firmware Version 3.00.08.

April 20, 2016

MDC1200 Decoding has been improved and should operate better on the radio.

March 4, 2016

Firmware Version 3.00.07
CPS Version 3.03.69
Flash Burn Version R2.00
Upgrade Tool Version R1.02
Front Panel Version 1.00.05

March 4, 2016

Updated Everything

SEPTEMBER 24, 2015


Firmware Version 1.01.07
CPS Version 3.03.37

SEPTEMBER 24, 2015

If you have version 1.01.05 or later firmware do not update front panel

This version fixed a R.F. power switch bug, now remembers the last used channel, adds a debounce on the Battery Power, and fixes a problem with the Monitor function.

You must match the Firmware with the CPS for any given date.

AUGUST 25, 2015


CPS Version 3.03.37

AUGUST 25, 2015

Fixed a few bugs in the CPS.

AUGUST 14, 2015


CPS Version 3.03.34
Firmware Loader Version 2.0
Firmware Version 1.01.05
Boot Loader Version


Firmware Loader Version 1.1
Firmware Version 1.00.02

AUGUST 14, 2015