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CS120D UHF Radio

"I have to say that the CS120D is probably the most underrated DMR HT out there selling in the amateur market". (comment from J. Wanger)

This amazing DMR and Analog radio is the first low cost superhet design. Compare this with our competitors and us selling single chip direct conversion receivers. First let me show you what some of our customers think of that radio.

Posted by J. Wanger

This is the only low cost DMR Ham radio that actually comes with a service manual. No more guessing whats underneath the covers. No more guessing how to disassemble the radio.

Posted by KK6LFS

Great Radio for the price. Now the Ham can enjoy some of the commercial features without having to mortgage your house. You can now experiment with features such as roaming, trunking, and having two simplex channels using only 12.5KHz of bandwidth.

Posted by JW

This is a rock solid DMR HT. Here is a list of some of the great features: Long battery life, loud speaker, LCD display that is actually useable outside, good audio reports, wonderful documentation, good price and quick delivery. In summary, this DMR met my spec and I'm having fun with it.



Why We are selling this Radio

Our customers are asking for a few things.

(1) A new radio that is different and low cost.

(2) Better quality than the direct conversion radios sold by everybody else.

(3) Smaller and lighter than the clunky radios everyone else is selling

(4) A LCD that can be seen both indoors and outdoors


We think we achieved our customers needs with the CS120D


Here is the best part. If you do not think this radio is worth what you paid for it, you can return the radio within 30 days and get a complete refund of your purchase price. If the radio breaks during the first year, we fix it for free.

With a deal like this you would think you would be dealing with a company located in Hong Kong or China. We are a United States company and have been in business since 1982.

Special Features

The most important feature of this radio is called "easy trunking". CS120D could be set to work under a group of repeaters with each repeater supply two logical channels. When the CS120D is set to the easy trunking mode, it will listen to all the logical channels preset by an advance scan algorithm. If the PTT is pressed, it will find a free logical channel to transmit.


This radio has the ability to roam. The CS120D could be used under a multi-site scenario to cover a large area without having to turn the knobs evertime you move. This radio will automatically find the best or better site to communicate with without being distracted by having to change channels.

The CS120 suports two types of direct modes for transmitting two conversations in a 12.5 KHz bandwidth called free mode and alignment mode. In free mode, the radio will detect the syncronizing signal from the other radio and freely transmit. In alignment mode, it expects a synconizing signal from a repeater before transmitting.

Transmit interrupt allows another radio or dispatch center from breaking into your conversation during an emergency. This is useful with Hams known to have never ending QSO's. This feature will be available about June with a free download.

The CS120D has mixed channel capability. This feature allows the radio to automatically recognize if the channel is analog or digital and allow you to respond in the same way or a predefined way. This feature will be available about June with a free download.

Just when you are tired of reading about the advanced features, there is one more to consider. This radio has the ability to record a conversation for up to two hours.





The CS120D is one of the most exciting new products that we have introduced in the last few months. This DMR radio is designed specifically for the commercial market, but we believe the amateur radio operators will find this radio intriguing.


FCC Part 90 certified

Frequency: 400 - 480 MHz

Number of channels: 2000

Number of zones: 250

Number of channels per zone: 1 - 999

Dimension HxWxD: 96.5 x 54 x 33 (mm)

Weight: 245g

Battery life: 14 hours



Power Output: 1 watt or 4 watts

Frequency stability: 1 ppm

Modes Available: 12.5/25KHz Analog, 12.5KHz Digital



Analog Sensitivity: .22 uV/-120 dBm 12 dB SINAD

Digital Sensitivity: .22 uV/-120 dBm with BER 5%

Audio Output: 1 Watt

Optional programming cable available.


Users Manual

Firmware Upgade Guide
Initial CPS InstallationActivating 25KHz Analog Mode
HR-C7000 Manual 2