For those that want the latest and greatest and still have the CS700, we offer a painless way to upgrade from a CS700 to a CS750. The CS750 currently has 2000 channels, 65280 contacts, adjustable gain control for the mike, nuisance delete for scanning, and many other ham specific features. This radio will be upgraded with new and exciting features for the foreseeable future with free downloads from out web site. To take advanatage of this offer, please do the following:

1. Call (818) 889-0503 and ask for a RMA number to upgrade your radio.

2. Fill out the form that can be found by clicking on this line.

3. Send in your radio along with the form and $60 in form of a check or a credit card number to cover the cost of the upgrade and return shipping. Please send only the radio body. Do not send in the battery, belt clip, antenna, or charger. We will send the radio back priority mail. Please do not send in the box you got the radio from if you expect the box back. If you send only the radio body you can send it to us priority mail for only about $6.10.

If you are from a country other than United States, please check with us for cost because shipping is usually much higher.

4. It is possible to convert most of your CS700 code plug to the CS750 code plug by some utilities we supply on the CS750 software page. If that is interesting to you, please save your code plug before you send your radio to us because the conversion process erases your existing code plug.