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VHF: 136-174

UHF: 400-470







First and second prototypes have been shipped and tested. First five production units have already shipped from the manufacturer and is expected to arrive at the office on May 9, 2017. The next batch of 65 units is expected to ship on May 10, 2017 and will be ready for sale about one or two weeks later if first five units have no major issues.


From the outside, the CS800D looks exactly like the CS800 including the removable head. This allows the user to remotely mount the head from the body with only CAT 5 cable between the two. All pieces necessary for remote mounting is supplied with the exception of the CAT 5 cable.


From the inside, the CS800D is different. The radio uses a double conversion superhet design with a seperate tuned front end design for maximum sensitivity and minimum interference from nearby radios.The radio has two independent power amplifiers. Switching between UHF and VHF is by means of solid state switches instead of unreliable relays. Bluetooth and GPS will be available.


Features will be a superset of the standard CS800. Some new features will be 4000 channels and in future free firmware updates you will see additional contacts and the ability to receive in one band and transmit in the other band in both Digital and Analog modes so you can use satellite communication.