We have released the CS580, CS760, and the CS108G. We will release the CS800D dual band DMR and Analog mobile radio about Mid May

The CS580 is an amazing radio designed for the novice as well as the seasoned amateur. The radio can be used entirely without a computer or for the more advanced users, a free CPS can be obtained from our website and you can generate a code plug that can accommodate up to 1024 channels. At only $130, there is no better DMR radio to buy, Expected release time is late November. Some of the features are:

This is the most advanced radio we sell. Besides having all the features you would expect from a high end DMR radio, we also have as an option GPS, Bluetooth, Man Down and a Vibrator. Expected release time for the basic radio is end of December with the options available 30 days later. The radio is not field upgradeable. Some of the features are:

This is a custom version of the X108G HF radio from Xiegu. Beside all the standard features available from that radio, we have implemented an ID timer and a spectrum analyzer. Expected release time is mid December. Some of the features are:


This is a dual band mobile radio that is essentially a CS800 and a CS801 in a single chassis the exact same size as the CS800. All the features and more that were in the CS800 will be in the CS800D.