To purchase any of our products:

(1) Please call (818) 889-0503 to speak to someone live. Open Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM. We are on the West Coast so remember 8:00 AM on the East Coast is 5:00 AM on the West Coast.

(2) For people who find it awkward speaking to someone live, use our on line store. The link to the store is available on this website.

(3) For Hams that want to buy a radio preprogrammed, please see the "Contacts" drop down menu for "Worldwide Distributors".

The DMR radios are compatible with Brandmeister, DMR-MARC and DCI Networks.To get on the network you must have a valid registration number. To apply please go to the following e-mail address http://dmr-marc.net/contact.html