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G90 SDR 20 Watt HF Radio




This is an unbelievable radio for its price. This radio has features far and beyond any radio in its price range. With 20 watts output and a built in automatic radio tuner you no longer have to have separate products to make a complete radio system. Just add power supply, coax cable, and an antenna, and you are on the air. Details of some of the features are as follows:

  • Detachable Display Unit. Allows you to remotely mount the head so you can hide the radio in the trunk. Useful when the car does not have room for the entire radio.
  • Auto Antenna Tuner. No need to buy a separate antenna tuner and manually tune the antenna.
  • Up to 20 watts output. Can be adjusted from .5 watts to 20 watts in .5 watts increments.
  • Covers most HF modes. Able to do SSB, AM and CW.
  • Software Defined Radio. Allows features to be added by changing the firmware.
  • Covers frequencies between 500 KHz and 30 MHz.
  • Most features can be accessed from included microphone.
  • OLED display allows clear viewing even in sunlight.
  • One year Warranty

YouTube Videos for the G90
Xiegu G90 CW and SSBRemote mounting the control head on the Xiegu G90
The Xiegu G90 20 watt HF SDR transceiverAnother day working 20 meters with my Xiegu G90

Xiegu G90 first set up and SSB QSO's on 20 meters

Xiegu G90 walk through features and cw demo
Documentation for the G90
 Much Better Operations Manual for the G90
New Firmware for the G90

This zip file contains the following:
1. Driver
2. Program for updating firmware
3. Display and Main Unit firmware files
4. Instructions for updating radio
5. Notes indicating bug fixes and enhancements from previous version